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Family & Friends Homeless Veterans Program objective is to help homeless by providing them with the responsibilities and comforts of home and preparing them to live on their own with educational and job placement  support, counseling and therapeutic services.  Family & Friends Homeless Veteran Program believes in nurturing and encouraging self-reliance and dignity.

Our Homes

Family & Friends Homeless Veteran's  Programs are located in Joliet, Illinois.

There are 2 Transitional Homes (14 veterans) and  the Permanent Group Home. (5 veterans)

In our apartment style housing we have developed an outreach program for veterans who would otherwise not seek assistance, those living on the streets and those who frequent shelters.


Family & Friends Transitional Veteran's Home provides care and comfort for men who have serve their country, state and fellow citizens. 


Our transitional housing is designed to promote supportive services that will lead to individual stability, self-determination. self sufficiency, and family reintegration.  Our workers will engage the client through intake and assessment.  

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Everyone knows that homeless veterans are a real problem in the United States...but how many people really do something to help?

CBS 2’s Harry Porterfield introduces us to Catherine Beavers, one woman making a real difference.

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Will County groups band together to end veteran homelessness...

Joliet resident and U.S Army Veteran Ronald Vann spent about 25 years of his life homeless after serving in the military in the late 1970s.


New veterans services focus on homes, jobs

It’s been 35 years since Eugene Orton was in the Army. But he recently found himself in a predicament facing many veterans coming home from overseas these days

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